Questions about The Open Window by SAKI?

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    1. Describe the setting of the story, including the time of year and approximate

    2. Why does Framton need to take a journey?

    3. Contrast Vera and Framton.

    4. Summarize the story that Vera tells Framton upon his arrival.

    5. What causes Framtons sudden departure? What explanation does Vera offer?

    6. In your opinion, is Framton or Vera the more likeable character? Why?

    7. Foreshadowing plays a major role in the story. Describe one instance of

    I have been trying to firgure out these questions for 3 days now and they are driving me crazy!!!
    10 points to the first person to answer them all

    Best Answer -
    1. late 1800's, october afternoon
    2. he was undergoing a "nerve cure" which means that he needs to take time to relax perhaps because he was too stressed out from work or something.
    3. vera is very talktative and imaginative. she has a sense of humor. she "rattled on cheerfully" which indicates that she is a happy person. framton is very nervous, not talkative, and couldn't understand vera's imaginative humor. since he needed to undergo a nerve cure, he couldn't have been very happy with his life.
    4. one day, three years ago, mrs. sappleton's husband, 2 brothers, and dog went away to shoot ,but never came back. they were engulfed by a bog, and their bodies were never found. mrs. sappletons is convinced that they will walk in the window just like they always did.
    5. framton leaves because he saw three figures carrying guns walking toward the window, and thought they were the men that vera was talking about. since they were supposed to be dead according to vera, he thought they came back from the dead, and so was frightened.
    vera explains that the spaniel had scared him off because he was once hunted by a pack of dogs and forced to spend a night in a grave while the dogs snarled about him. (and this made him scared of dogs).
    6. vera is more likeable because she has a sense of humor, while framton is very nervous and unstable. vera can keep up a conversation, while framton talks in short segments.
    7. framton described that the room "seemed to suggest masculine habitation" at the beginning of the story. this foreshadows that vera's story isn't true and that there actually ARE men living in the house (mrs. sappleton's husband and her 2 young brothers)
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